One who understands this understands life…

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If you spend your life trying to control outcomes, you will live a life of disappointment.”
– Buddha

As a certified trainer for over 25 years what do you think the most important promise you can make to
Your client is?

“I promise if you train with me, do everything I say, you will get you pro card… right after you pay
me $1500”

“If you pay me $300 a month, you will place top 5 in your next show”

“Join my team, and I will take you to the next level. Pay me $250 a month for online coaching”

All of these statements are examples of another epidemic in the fitness industry… trainers and prep coaches making promises about something they have zero control of.

Can anyone tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt who will win the superbowl this year? Can anyone tell me precisely what the weather will be like tomorrow? Can anyone tell me who is going to win the big fight next weekend (Anyone who was around in 1990, Tokyo Japan, when Buster Douglass knocked out Mike Tyson… there are no guaranteed victories.)

When it comes to ANY sporting event, there are an endless amount of factors at play. In bodybuilding, for example there are a few things that can be controlled. Diet, training, prep work, onstage presentation, tanning, makeup, hair etc.

But, what is the single biggest factor when it comes to a victory on stage? The person standing right next to you. Aside from breaking that person’s kneecap before the show, how can you control who shows up to compete? Its impossible. Its also impossible to pick who judges, the lighting, the venue, the crowd reaction… the list goes on.

So, why would a anyone promise a victory… when a victory is impossible to control? Why… because they want your money. I’m sorry people, anyone that promises you a victory, a placing, or even just some exposure is completely full of s**t and needs to be punched in the face.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. All we are promised is today and what we can do with it. If you wake up every single day, educate yourself, follow your plan to a T, put in your work, and do every single thing you can to maximize your chances… you are already a champion. Day of competition is always a toss of a coin, but if you know inside your heart that you put in 100% leading up to that day then that will ALWAYS be your victory. And, if you get lucky and you happen to be better than your competition on that day, you might go home with a shiny medal or trophy that says “On this date, there was nobody better”.

There is always risk in competition, which is brilliantly summed up in the old saying, “Today is a good day to die”.  Anyone that decides to go head to head with another athlete has two possible outcomes: victory and defeat… and the vast majority of what determines the outcome is completely out of our control.  How many of us have given it 100% and fallen short? How many of us have stepped into the squared circle and kissed the canvas? How many of us have walked off a stage with nothing to show for it, or even in tears and miserable?

I am here to tell you today, victory is what you walk around inside every day. The body of an athlete, the mind of an athlete, the attitude that I will not give up, I will not surrender, and I will not stop until I reach my goal. That my friends is your victory, not some plastic metal trophy or some worthless card that says “I’m a pro athlete”.

If you get on stage, if you get inside the ring, if you get under the squat bar… you have done something that 99.9% of the world will never be able to do… that makes you better than 99.9% of the population of earth. That is saying something.

In closing, I want to share the promise I make to my friends, my clients, and those who trust me with their athletic and health hopes and dreams:

“IF you sit down and go over the basics with me, IF you give me time to get to know your body and goals, IF you put in the work, IF you don’t set an artificial timeline, IF you trust the process and IF you trust that I have your best interest in mind…

I promise your best shape ever, I promise your best health ever, and I promise you will love the way you look and feel…

And, I promise beyond a shadow of a doubt, when you eventually compete WE are going to give them hell, and nobody will ever forget your name.”

AlaskaFit ProductionsOne who understands this understands life…

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