Salt, An athletes best friend???

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If you are a healthy male or female athlete, salt is essential. In the old days of bodybuilding, athletes were told to limit their salt intake to 750mg-1000mg and increase potassium to prevent cramping… this is the OPPOSITE of what you should do. Just for reference on how dangerous this can be, Potassium Chloride is what they use to stop a persons heart during a lethal injection.

Take away:

– Don’t be afraid to eat salt!
– Depending on activity level, a normal athlete should consume between 6-10 GRAMS of
sodium per day along with at least 0.6oz of water per lb of body-weight
– Stick with regular iodized table salt as your main form of sodium in your diet

AlaskaFit ProductionsSalt, An athletes best friend???
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To Carb or not to Carb… Part 1

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About 10 years ago I had a friend of mine come up to me at the gym, guy in his 40s. Very active mountain climber and hiker.  He calls me over to the other side of the gym where nobody is and sits down to talk to me.

Him – “Hey man so, you’re my friend and you’re the only one I trust with this stuff… I’m planning on climbing Kilimanjaro before I turn 50.  Here’s the thing, I’m getting older and older and it feels like I’m loosing strength and energy every day.  I have to hit this goal before I die… so I’m wondering if you have any connections for getting some Anabolic steroids and growth hormone”

AlaskaFit ProductionsTo Carb or not to Carb… Part 1
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Intermittent Fasting… Should I try it?

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What is Intermittent Fasting?  Should I try it?  Is it the right diet for me?

Take away:

  • Intermittent fasting is nothing new, all diets go through “cycles” where their theories pop up again under a different name 20 years later.
  • There may be benefits to Intermittent Fasting for short periods of time, but this depends on the persons individual physiology and activity level.
  • No single diet, training program, or supplement is a foolproof way to health or fat loss.
  • Every single diet ever created, no matter how unscientific it is, works for at least ONE person in the world.
  • ANY diet plan will work for fat loss if you adhere to the key principals:
AlaskaFit ProductionsIntermittent Fasting… Should I try it?
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For all athletic women in their 20s, this is for you:


In this industry, there are a ton of shysters and snake oil salespeople… all of which are praying on the hopes and dreams of women trying to look just like their idols in the magazines.  Nothing makes me personally more angry than a “coach” or “trainer” having an already caloric deficient girl in their early 20’s do several HOURS of cardio per day to get ready for a bikini or physique championship.  Seriously ladies, if someone tells you that you need 3-4 hours of cardio per day because you “have a long ways to go”… you should punch them in the nose and walk away.  The cost of bail will be much less than what they charge for their BS training program… and you will be in much better health and spirits.

AlaskaFit ProductionsFor all athletic women in their 20s, this is for you:
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If you have ever used a “diet coach” or “training guru” please read this…

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Being a certified trainer for the last 18 years… I’d like to make an observation about something that is all too common, yet most “coaches” or trainers won’t bring this up.  This is a personal pet peeve of mine, and yes I have been guilty of it many times in the past.  Now that I’m an older competitor-trainer I do my best to not interfere with other people’s training programs… but on to my point – 

AlaskaFit ProductionsIf you have ever used a “diet coach” or “training guru” please read this…
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Meal Prep AKA “Cooking”…

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I started competing back in 1992… not working out, actually COMPETING in NPC shows. This was years before meal prep services, 6 pack bags, organic food, Stevia. Protein Powder mixed like oil and water, you couldn’t walk into a restaurant and order a plain chicken breast and plain rice… people looked at you like you were crazy. Everything at McDonalds was deep fried, there was no such thing as Qdoba or Chipolte, and Subway was about the healthiest option for a quick emergency meal. We actually called “meal prep” COOKING back then

AlaskaFit ProductionsMeal Prep AKA “Cooking”…
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