A quick announcement to accommodate everyone’s 2019 competition schedule:

End of July my wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, Lillian Adella.  We have both decided to take this year for ourselves and enjoy the first few months with our daughter.  We sincerely appreciate all the kind words… but this is one time we have an excuse to be selfish around showtime!

The NPC Crystal Cup and AFX will return in 2020 bigger and better than ever.  We would like to thank Alaska Muscle for moving the Midnight sun into our October timeslot for the benefit of our competitors, thank you Shawn and Cinzia for always thinking of NPC competitors first!

AlaskaFit Productions will still be working with the Mr. Olympia Expo, hosting the first ever Olympia Armlifting Championships, September 13-14th.  Check our Events page for registration and information!

Stay tuned for news and updates.  Add us on Facebook, AlaskaFit Productions and Instagram, @alaskafitproductions

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